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4 pack of Coors Light

Coors LightThere are 100,000 free vouchers available for free Coors Light beer.
Simply enter your details and a friends details (although if you want to receive the voucher you need to enter your details in the Friends section).

Once you do a text will be send and you will receive an automated phone call too.

You can then select which of the printable or mobile vouchers you want for the free Coors Light, the options are 1 x pint of Coors Light (in a pub) or 4 x 330ml bottles, 4 x 440ml cans or 4 x 500ml cans of Coors Light (in a supermarket or convenience store).

Voucher is valid for 2 weeks. Offers end once 100,000 vouchers claimed or 14th July 2013 (whichever is soonest).

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