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Call 0800 numbers free from mobiles

Calling 0800 & 0500 numbers from your mobile are not free despite 0800 numbers being known as freephone numbers. 0800 & 0500 numbers are only free when calling from a UK landline number and not your mobile phone.

There are however ways around this where you can call 0800 numbers from your mobile phone for free, this is by using a simple service that allows you to call a standard landline number that will then let you connect to the 0800 number via this and not cost you anything (this is based on the user having inclusive minutes with their mobile phone contract or PAY&Go mobile.)

This loophole to call an 0800 number from a mobile for free only works if you receive inclusive minutes with your mobile phone contract or Pay & Go tariff.

How to Call 0800 numbers for free on mobiles
Simply visit and follow their simple instructions. There will be a standard landline number to call listed on their site and instructions on how to then get the call to ring an 0800 number for free.
Be sure to follow the instructions closely because not following them could result in you being charged for the 0800 call!

Are 0800 numbers free for mobiles?
Calling an 0800 number from your mobile as standard and you will be charged at your mobile networks tariff.
Below are the charges per mobile provider for calling 0800 numbers off your mobile (correct at time of writing).

Cost of calling 0800 numbers from mobiles

20.4p/min Pay Monthly
15p/min Pay & Go

7p/min Pay Monthly (35p from 2nd January 2012)
7p/min Pay & Go (35p from 2nd January 2012)

7.4p/min Pay Monthly
7p/min Pay & Go

7.4p/min Pay Monthly (15.3p from 4th January 2012)
7.4p/min Pay & Go (15.3p from 4th January 2012)

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