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Cheap or Free Cinema tickets

Going to the cinema can be an expensive outing, for a pair of adult tickets alone you could be looking at £19+ depending on which cinema you go to, check out the peak time adult prices for some of the countries largest cinemas below to see how much if you pay full price you will be charged.

Standard peak adult cinema ticket prices:
Odeon : £9.60
Vue: £8.20
Cineworld: £7.30
Reel: £6.80

Orange Wednesdays
Orange Wednesdays are one of the most well known ways to get cheap cinema tickets. Running for years now anyone whose mobile phone is on Orange or have Orange Broadband can get themselves 2 for 1 cinema tickets on Wednesdays meaning you can instantly half the price it would cost two of you to go to the cinema.
To be part of orange Wednesdays you need to have an Orange sim card on either contract or Pay as you go (if you don’t have an Orange sim card then you can request a free Orange Sim card so you can use it to make the most of this deal), or you need to be an Orange broadband customer.
It costs 35p for you to receive the 2 for 1 cinema ticket code for Orange Wednesdays so providing you at least keep a bit of credit on the free sim card you request you will be able to make use of the offer. Orange customers need to spend £5 or more per month to qualify for the 2 for 1 cinema tickets.
Orange mobile customers simply need to text “FILM” to 241 and they will be sent their code to their mobile.
Orange Broadband customers need to register for free and they too can then text to receive their free cinema tickets.
Full details can be viewed at:

O2 Priotity Moments
O2 reward their mobile customers with O2 Priority Moments, this includes a range of different offers and special deals exclusive to O2 customers.
They have offered free Odeon cinema tickets to O2 customers previously so it is always worth checking the O2 Priority Moments web page to check if the free Odeon cinema tickets are available. To claim the free Odeon cimema tickets from O2 you have to have an O2 sim card (If you are not on O2 then you can request a Pay&Go free O2 sim card) and register for O2 Priority Moments.

Free cinemea tickets with preview screenings
Every now and then there are tickets to free preview screenings of some films. As and when we hear of them they are listed up on the site so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whenever they are and act quick to get your free cinema ticket.

Free Babies & Toddlers entry
The Odeon offer free entry to films for any toddlers or babies aged 2 years or under (no proof of age required).
“Odeon Newbies” is a parent and baby screening during weekday mornings of the latest films and blockbusters (certificate 12A or below). The sound is slightly reduced and the lights are up slightly more to make it a more child/baby friendly environment for you without you worrying about your baby making noise.

Cineworld cinemas have free entry to babies and infants under 18 months of age (no ID required) with the “Babies In Arms” ticket. The “Babies In Arms” ticket allows babies in to morning or afternoon performances that have a certification of 12A or below.

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