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Click for Pedigree to donate £1 to Dog Adoption Drive

Pedigree are donating up to £100,000 to the Pedigree Adoption Drive dog charities to help find homes for abandoned and homeless dogs.

For each person who takes the dog for a “virtual walk” Pedigree will donate up to £1 towards their £100,000 target. Your “walk” will take you across 4 websites and for each website your “virtual walk” goes across 25p will be donated.

Only takes a few minutes of your time but it is free to do and helps put money to a good cause.

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2 Responses to Click for Pedigree to donate £1 to Dog Adoption Drive

  1. lindsey whittle says:

    This is a very worthy cause and I recommend everyone gives it a go!

  2. peter dolby says:

    I have 2 dogs,one of which I adopted from the RSPCA.Please help give a dog a loving home.

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