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Computer Freebies

Freebies for your computer and office. Free computer stuff

1,000 x Minion Superhero USB memory sticks

Free Minion Superhero USB stick. There are 1,000 free Minion themed superhero USB sticks available from Be Safe. The USB memory stick is 16gb in size and there is only one unique entry per person allowed and a maximum of … Continue reading

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Free computer backup online

Create a free computer backup account with The free account is very simple 1 page submit to create and a free account gives you 15Mb of free online storage. The online backup allows you to Sync from anywhere and … Continue reading

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2 free games for PS3, PS Vita or PlayStation Portable

Get 2 free games to play on PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PlayStation Portable by “Liking” the PlayStation Access Facebook page. The 2 free games are the Jewel Keepers games: Easter Island and Urbanix. Simply by liking the Playstation Access … Continue reading

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Free Spotify Premium 30 day trial

Sign up to receive a free Spotify Premium 30 day free trial. You will be able to have the full Spotify experience that you can cancel at any time with no commitment. Free Spotify Premium allows you to use Spotify … Continue reading

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Free Broadband Speed Test

Test how fast your broadband internet connection is with the free broadband speed test from Broadband Watchdog or this other speed test at The broadband speed test will test how fast your download speeds are and also how fast … Continue reading

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Avast Free Anti-Virus software

Avast is one of the most popular free Anti-Virus software available to download. The free anti-virus comes complete with an anti-spyware protection too and is classed as the minimum protection that every PC should have installed. The Avast Free anti-virus … Continue reading

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