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Free Micro Sim cards

Many new devices now require the use of a Micro Sim card instead of the conventional sim card that we are used to. As such, mobile networks are trying to get you to be using your new devices that require a micro sim (such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2) by offering users a free Micro Sim.

Below are a few of the networks we have found that are currently letting you order a free Micro Sim online for use in any devices you have that require this smaller sized sim card.

Free Micro Sim cards

Vodafone Micro Sim – You can request up to 2 free Micro Sim cards from Vodafone on their Pay& Go offering that come bundled with lots of extra “Freebees” with certain top ups.
Or standard sized Vodafone Sim Card

Giff Gaff Micro Sim – Request your free Micro Sim from this Pay&Go virtual network (they use O2’s network). Lots of great deals for monthly top ups.
Or standard sized GiffGaff Sim Card

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