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Free O2 sim card

O2 are giving away a free O2 sim card for anyone who wants to change their mobile phone pay-and-go network.

Order a free O2 sim now and get free unlimited calls and texts to anyone on O2 when you top up £15 a month, on top of your credit. Get up to 10% of your credit back every three months to spend on things you like, just for topping up

Other benefits for having an O2 sim card are:

Get O2 Top-up Surprises
From Xbox 360s and iPod Touches to extra texts – get a surprise every time you top up.

Get 10% back
O2 Rewards gets you up to 10% back on every top-up. It’s our thank you for choosing us.
Opt in required. Maximum £150 credit per quarter.

Get offers you’ll love with O2 More
Tell us what you’re in to and we’ll send you offers you want. Text your postcode to 2011.

Get O2 Priority tickets
Be the first to get tickets to the UK’s biggest gigs at The O2 and O2 Academies

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