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Free Texts

If you send lots and lots of text messages then being able to send free texts is going to be a great way to save some money, even if you don’t sent lost and lots of texts then you can still make savings by looking at the various free texts options available to you.

On average, if you are paying to send a text message it works out at usually 10p per text, so if you send 10 texts per day that works out at £365 per year. There are many people who text far more than that each day, so someone who sends 30 texts per day and pays for each of them will have spent over £1,000 in a year on them!

Get Free Sim Cards
Be sure to check out all the available free sim cards that offer bundled texts in with some tops ups each month. Not exactly free but might be of use to some people.

Blackberry Messenger – Free messages between Blackberry phones.
BBM is the name people use for Blackberry Messenger. It is an instant messaging app on Blackberry mobile phones that allows unlimited messages of any character length you want to be sent between Blackberry phones. You can even use it to send images.

To use Blackberry Messenger you need to have a Blackberry data plan, unlimited Blackberry Data plans cost around £5 per month, these are available on contract mobile phones but not all Pay as You go deals.
You then have access to be able to send free BBM messages to other Blackberry users once you have got their unique “pin”.
You could then quite literally send message back and forth with as many friends who have a Blackberry at no extra charge than you are paying for the Blackberry data plan.

Please note that BBM uses Blackberry data, when you go abroad you are best not using BBM as you will be charged for you data use abroad which can work out very expensive.

Free Texts Online

  • O2 Free Texts online (TXT) – O2 offer O2 customers 10 free text messages per month online (get a free O2 sim card). You are able to send to multiple recipients. You can send texts up to 444 characters long although they will use up to 3 of your available free online texts.
    Extra online texts can be purchased at £1.50 for 30 TXT (5p each).
    O2 Free online texts


  • Orange Free Texts online – Orange allow Orange customers to send 30 free text messages per month online.
    Orange Free online texts


Instant Messenger apps

WhatsApp is an Instant Messenger (IM) app that works across platforms such as iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia & Android phones.
Much like an online Instant Messenger it allows you to send messages to other mobile phone contacts who have the WhatsApp installed on their phone. The app will automatically search through the contacts on your phone to find others who have the WhatsApp Messenger installed.
The messages are sent by using your data and so providing you get free data on your phone you won’t be charged for sending messages.
Be aware that as it uses data, if you get charged for data roaming when abroad then you will likely run up costs if using WhatsApp abroad. That said, you can send messages for free to people around the world by using the app when you are not data roaming.

Free texts from you mobile and online. A range of ways to send free text messages without incurring mobile phone charges.

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