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Free TV audience tickets

If you want to be in the audience while your favourite TV shows get filmed or are broadcast live then there are a number of different sites to get yourself free TV audience tickets.

Usually applications for free TV show tickets are for 4 to 6 free tickets.
When applying for TV show tickets it is usually on a first come first served basis and so if you do get tickets you are advised to turn up early so as to not miss out. Priority tickets do guarantee entry up to a certain time before filming or recording of the TV show.

BBC – TV & radio audience tickets for various different BBC shows

Applause Store – Television & Radio audience tickets for a whole range of TV channels, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Dave, ESPN, Sky1 and more

TV Recordings – Tickets for TV & Radio shows in London

Chortle – Free TV & radio comedy tickets. This site links to others that have the free tickets but it is a good site to check out if it is comedy specifically you are after watching

Lost In TV – Free tickets to a range of programmes on various TV channels for various TV shows

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