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Free Vodafone Sim cards

Vodafone have a choice of free sim cards to choose from with users able to request up to 2 free sim cards in eitehr the standard sim size or a Micro SIM for the iPhone 4.

There are 5 different Vodafone free sim cards choices available depending on what will suit your mobile phone use the best and each comes with some special “Freebees” depending you top up.

The available free sim card plans are:

  • Freedom – Pay as you go with over £50 worth of calls and texts for £10 – now with 50MB free web access
  • Text & Web – Free texts and web for you to use in the UK over 30 days – on top of your credit when you top up £10
  • Weekend – Free calls and texts at the weekend in addition to your credit, when you top up £5 during the week
  • International – Get 60 free minutes when you top up £10 – on top of your credit – to over 150 countries

If you choose to top up more than £10 there are increases available in the “Freebees” available with your free sim plan.

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