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Get free Anti Virus software to protect your computer

Get a free Anti-Virus software for your computer and help keep your computer and personal details safe while using the internet.

Many people believe that you have to pay to get anti-virus software but they are very much mistaken, today there is a decent range of free anti-virus software available to download and for anyone who has their computer connected to the internet it is imperative that anti-virus software is installed and kept up-to-date on their computer.

There are a range of free anti-virus software programmes available to download at no cost that can offer a great level of protection to your computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials – Providing you have a genuine Windows machine you can download a free copy of Microsoft Security Essentials. It is currently available for Windows versions: XP, Vista & Windows 7.

AVG Free – AVG offer a couple of paid versions of their anti-virus that offer extra protection and technical support but they do also have a free AVG Anti-Virus software available too to protect against the main threat of attack to your computer.

Avast – Avast offer a free Anti-Virus with anti-spyware. Again, they do have paid options with more features and security available if you so wish.

Along with protecting your computer from virus, trojans and worms with a free anti virus programme you can add other levels of your protection too with firewalls and also anti spyware programmes too.

Check out our guides to free Firewalls and free Anti Spyware programmes too.

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