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Get free food with money off vouchers and coupons

Get free food or money off your shopping by printing out or cutting out discount coupons or money off vouchers.

There is a whole range of different vouchers available for various items and they can be obtained from a whole range of places, online (such as ones we list on this very site), in newspapers and magazines, food you have already bought or even supermarkets own brochures and magazines.

Being a savvy shopper can easily save you money on your shopping or get you free food for little effort.

Printable money off Vouchers online:
Quite often we come across printable money off vouchers or free food vouchers that we list up on the site, they usually require you to just enter your details (name and email address) and then they will either make the voucher available for you to print off or they will email you your discount voucher to print off. Many of these types of vouchers can be time limited and can prove very popular so they can in some instances all get snapped up very quickly.

Money off Vouchers on food you have bought:
Be sure to check the packaging of any food or items you buy as you may find that there is a money off coupon attached to them somewhere where you can get a free product or money off next time you purchase this product. If it is a product that you regularly buy then be sure to use the voucher. Don’t get pulled into spending money on something just for the sake of it, even if it is reduced as this is not always good and sees you spending more money on a product you may not actually like or use just for the sake of it!

Feedback to companies about their products:
If you have bought a product and have any constructive criticism or thoughts or ideas that the manufacturers may find useful then send them feedback and quite often companies will respond thanking you for your feedback and include vouchers for more of their products. Ideally you want to be able to send the feedback online so it is completely free, however many companies will provide a freepost address for you to send feedback to them so you don’t have to pay for postage.

Magazines and Newspapers:
Many magazines and newspapers will have coupons inside that can be cut out and redeemed against certain products so keep your eyes peeled when flicking through any of these.
Supermarkets quite often produce their own magazines that are free to pick up in store (quite often at the checkout), they quite often contain recipes and various articles along with vouchers for money off items that they sell. Scan through these for any that are relevant to you. Maybe try and pick the magazine up before you go around the shop and give it a quick look through for vouchers before you start your shop.

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