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Get free magazine subscriptions

Don’t buy magazines, grab yourself free copies of them to see if you like them first.

If you like to get a certain magazine or would like to see what a new magazine is like then it is always worth checking to see if there are any introductory offers available for that magazine, there could be a few months of free copies of a specific magazine available or you may even be able to get a few copies of a magazine for as low as £1 so you can try a free sample of the magazine before you decide if you want to regularly buy it.

The magazine companies always want to get new subscribers and readers to their magazines, and as such there are plenty that will entice you to start reading their magazine with a special offer or freebie.

Most of the free magazine offers are no obligation, and providing that you cancel within the offer period of free magazines that you have got then you should not be charged again.

Below are a few free magazine deal or special offers for magazines to try before you buy.

evo Magazine” – get 3 copies of car magazine evo for just £1, and that includes the magazine being delivered free to your door too. Worth £13.20

The Week” – 6 free issues of “The Week” magazine. Aimed at helping you make sence of the weeks news in just 1 hour.

PC Pro” – 3 issues of PC Pro for £1 plus the option of a 33% saving ont he shop price if you continue your subscription. Free delivery to your door and before it hits the shop shelves.

Mens Fitness” – 5 issues for £5 with free delivery. This magazine costs £4 per issue in the shops and so a huge saving to be made.

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