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Get yourself a free sim card

If you are a Pay As You Go mobile customer that no longer means that you can’t get yourself a good offer or tariff for you mobile phone, grab one of the free sim cards and see what benefits you can claim.

In days gone by it was those mobile customers who took out contracts with the mobile networks that got all the bets deals, such as so many free minutes and calls while Pay As You Go sim card users didn’t get so many incentives or benefits.

Well that has all changed now, although the mobile networks ideally want mobile customers to take out a contract with them many people either don’t use their mobile phone enough to need a contract or just don’t want to be tied into any mobile phone contract with any of the mobile networks.

As such, Pay As You Go mobile customers are now getting good offers and deals from the mobile networks, although you won’t be entitled to any free mobile phones there are plenty of rewards available in the form of free texts and calls with many of the mobile networks now.
The angle the mobile network are going for as the next best thing to having users on a contract is to entice them to regularly top up each month a set ammount (in effect a sort of contract that the user is free to pay up for each month or not without penalty) and offer them some reward for doing so.

These reward soffered to Pay As You Go mobile customers tend to be either free texts or free calls in some shape or form, and best of all customers can even choose which are going to be of most benefit to them so as to make the most of these monthly rewards.

As an example, T-Mobile are offering free unlimited texts each month when a user tops up £10 a month, so for anyone who is always texting then this could look an enticing offer, you can even claim up to 2 free T-Mobile sim cards here.

O2 are offering Unlimited calls and texts to anyone on O2 when you top up £15 per month. So if most of the people you call or text are on O2 then this could be a good sim card to be using. Don’t forget along with those free O2 texts and calls you will still have the £15 credit on your mobile to use freely too. Claim your free O2 Sim card.

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