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Household Freebies

Freebies for around the house. Free cleaning samples for the home

Free pack of Floor Protectors

Free pack of floor protectors from Simply sign up to their newsletter and they will send out a free pack of floor protectors which attach to the base of your furniture to help protect carpet or wooden flooring.

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Free Sadolin wood stain sample pot

Choose a free sample pot of Sadolin wood stain. There is a huge range of different colours to choose your sample from designed to help you find the actual colour that you require. Simply fill out your details for your … Continue reading

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Healthy Meal Mixer from Change4Life

Request your free Meal Mixer from the NHS Change4Life campaign which is designed to help you eat better. The Meal Mixer and recipe finder sits on your bench top and allows you to flick around different healthy meal combinations for … Continue reading

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Free Thermometer and Winter Wrap Up guide from Age UK

Free thermometer and a “Winter Wrapped Up” guide from Age UK. Get the free guide and thermometer sent straight to you (the guide is aimed at the older generation so please don’t abuse this freebie if you do not really … Continue reading

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50,000 x 4 roll pack of Cushelle

Free 4 roll pack of Cushelle toilet roll. To get your free 4 pack of Cushelle simply “Like” their Facebook page and then fill out your details for them to post you your free voucher to claim your free toilet … Continue reading

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Free ice-scraper and tyre tread indicator

Free ice-scraper and tyre tread indicator from LocalCarsCo. Help keep yourself safer in your car this winter with the free car ice-scraper and the tyre tread indicator. Simply fill out form for your free ice-scraper for your car today.

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Free Pringles Speaker

Pringles have 92,500 free Pringles speakers to give away with their Facebook advent tree. You don’t need to “Like” the Facebook page but simply enter your details to play and hopefully win (with 92,500 free speakers available there is a … Continue reading

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Free water hardness test strip

Test the hardness of your water with this free test strip. Hard water results in the build up of limescale in domestic appliances which can effect the taste and appearance of hot drinks and food. Test your water to see … Continue reading

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45,000 free Velvet Balm pocket tissues samples

Free pack of Velvet Balm pocket tissues. There are 45,000 free samples of Velvet Balm pocket tissues which contain 1 x Velvet® Balm with Aloe Vera and Camomile tissues and 1 x 75p money off coupon. Entries close on the … Continue reading

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Thirst Pockets Select-A-Size samples

Claim a free sample of Thirst Pockets Select-A-Size kitchen towel. The new Thirst Pockets kitchen towel come with a half sheet perforation for small spills or a normal perforation for big spills so you can save on how much you … Continue reading

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Vanish Sensitive Gel sample

“Like” the Vanish Facebook page and then request your free sample of Vanish Sensitive Gel. Vanish Sensitive Gel is designed to tackle tough stains on children’s clothes without irritating their skin.

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Free Silver Spoon Create mystery gift from Baking Mad

Register on the Baking Mad website for a free Silver Spoon Create mystery gift. To register to receive the free gift must register by the Sunday 30th September 2012 and need to type “lucky dip” in the recommended by a … Continue reading

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Free personalised Postcard

Send a free postcard from anywhere in the world with Samsung simply by uploading one of your own pictures from a holiday or using one of the free Olympic Games photos. From what we can tell you can send as … Continue reading

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Ribena Freebie

We are unsure what freebie this might be as yet but if you sign up with Ribena on their website then they say they will pop something nice in the post. You will also receive offer, competition and fun stuff.

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Free 100ml Muc-Off bike cleaner sample

Free sample of Muc-Off bike cleaner. A free 100ml sample of Muc-off bike cleaner plus bicycle catalogue. The fast action bike cleaner is fully biodegradable and contains no harmful acids. It is simply a case of spray on and wash … Continue reading

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Free plastic Ring Sizer from H.Samuel

This free plastic ring sizer from H.Samuel is the perfect way to work out what size ring you need to wear. As everyones fingers are different sizes the free ring sizer that H.Samuel are offering will allow you to buy … Continue reading

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10,000 free 20-pack of Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets

Register to be one of the 10,000 people to take part in the Fairy Platinum survey which will provide a 20 pack of Fairy Platinum Original dishwasher tablets. Those taking part are expected to help with feedback and surveys and … Continue reading

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Free sample pack of postcards & greeting cards

Request a free sample pack of Postcards & Greeting cards along with a brochure. The free offer may be targeted more at businesses users, you can select which business type you are for your free samples to be in the … Continue reading

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Free Dosing Device for washing machines

Choose one of the 3 free Dosing Devices from Persil used to measure the detergent you put in your washing. There are 3 different dosing devices to choose from, the a Scoop for powder, ball for liquid or a net … Continue reading

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Dizolve Non-bio washing sheet

Free sample of the new Dizolve Non-bio washing sheet. The detergent washing sheet are a new way of getting detergent in your washing, they take out the need to fill a cap with liquid detergent, they have virtually no water … Continue reading

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