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How to get bargain sandwiches at UK airports

If you are not on a flight where food is already included in the price then buying food on a plane or in an airport can be a bit of a costly experience. Most UK low-cost airlines don’t include food but that doesn’t stop you from taking any food on the flight with you, so if you have made a sandwich at home before you travel then this is an ideal way for a cheap way to eat.

However, many of us don’t have the time or forget about this and are left needing to pay the airport or flight prices for food.

Well fear not, Boots are at hand to save the day (well that may be a slight exaggeration). They sell basic sandwiches (don’t pick up their more “luxury” buttys that have a mix of fillings) for a bargain price of just £1 in the airport, we have seen this both at Manchester airport and at East Midlands airports so far. The sandwiches may be slightly plain (Cheese or Ham etc) but they certainly taste good and at just a £1 they are superb value compared to the likely £3+ you would be paying at other establishments in the airport or on the plane!
Do the maths, a family of 4 wanting something small to eat can get 4 buttys from Boots for just £4, shop at other stores or on the plane at the bill for 4 people would likely be nearer to £12-£15!

Boots  also have meal deals available where you can get a butty, drink and a packet of crisps for around the £3 mark so again this is going to be a way to get a relatively cheap snack on the departure side of an airport!

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