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Poster Freebies

Free posters and wall charts

Free 30 days Wild Wildlife Pack

The Wildlife Trusts are encouraging people to be “wild” during June with 30 acts of wildness (1 each day) with their free pack to help you. You can choose this for either yourself or for a school depending on where … Continue reading

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Free BBC “Blue Planet 2” Poster

Free Blue Planet 2 poster to join up with the BBC TV programme hosted by Sir David Attenborough. Request the free poster from the Open University The poster is a great educational poster and will compliment the details found on … Continue reading

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“Secrets of the Human Body” Free Poster

Order a free copy of the “Secrets of the Human Body” poster that accompanies the BBC TV series called “The Human Body: Secrets of your Life Revealed”. The Open University & BBC co-production have also produced this free poster that … Continue reading

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Free Matrix of Modern Life poster

A free poster from The Open University that explores the colourful connections between different parts of science, engineering and technology—presented in the inimitable Bang style. From the Large Hadron Collider to your microwave oven, jumbo jet to fuel cells, the … Continue reading

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Halloween “No Trick or Treaters” posters

Printable No Trick or Treaters posters and Trick or Treaters Welcome posters for Halloween. Let Trick or Treaters know if they are welcome or not to visit you on Halloween with a printable “Trick or Treaters Welcome” or “No Trick … Continue reading

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‘Countdown To Life’ poster

As part of the BBC TV series  ‘Countdown To Life: The Extraordinary Making Of You’ you can get th Open University poster that acompanies the series. The poster is the “Nine months that made you” which details all the information … Continue reading

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Free BBC Life Story poster

The new BBC TV programme “Life Story” presented by David Attenborough has a free “Life Story” poster available from the Open University. Life Story is a 6 part documentary documenting the start of animals life and through the different stages … Continue reading

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Free Nutella jar label

To mark Nutella’s 50th Birthday, if you tell them your Nutella story then you will win a free personalised Nutella jar label. On top of this there are 125 tickets to Nutella’s big birthday bash at Alton Towers on Saturday … Continue reading

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Free BBC “Great British Year” Seasons poster

Claim this free poster from the Open University that accompanies the BBC TV programme “The Great British Year”. The free poster allows you to follow the seasons throughout the year in Great Britain such as what birds and animals will … Continue reading

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Free “Empire” poster

Order your free “Empire” poster from the Open University that accompanies the new BBC 1 TV series “Empire” presented by Jeremy Paxman that tells the story of the British Empire. The free Empire map poster/wallchart shows the British Empire and … Continue reading

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5,000 free Disney prints

Free limited edition Disney print when you order a Disney Cruise Line 2014 brochure. There are 5,000 free Disney prints for the first 5,000 who sign up for a Disney Cruise Line brochure and the first 3,000 who share the … Continue reading

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“No Trick Or Treaters” or “Trick Or Treaters Welcome” posters

With Halloween just about here you may or may not want to have Trick or Treaters knocking at your door for whatever reason. Be friendly about it and print out a free “No Trick or Treaters” poster or a “Trick … Continue reading

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Free “Frozen Planet” Poster

The BBC’s new “Frozen Planet” series presented by David Attenborough is a look into life at both of the poles on Earth. The Open University and the BBC have produced a free poster covered with lots of interesting facts and … Continue reading

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40 free photo prints from PhotoBox

Register with PhotoBox (online digital photo printing service) and you can get 40 free digital photo prints in sizes 6”x4.5” and 6”x4”. PhotoBox is a great and much cheaper way to print pictures online. You upload the pictures online and … Continue reading

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Printable “No Trick Or Treaters” poster

Don’t cause offence on Halloween if you don’t want any Trick or Treaters knocking on your door by printing out this free poster to stick on your door which requests that you don’t have any “Trick or Treaters” knocking on. … Continue reading

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