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Sell your old mobile phone for £££’s

If your mobile phone contract is due up and you’ve been sent a new mobile phone then this is a great time to pocket yourself  bit of spare cash by selling your old mobile phone or even if you want even more money and are happy with your current mobile phone by selling the brand new mobile.

Most people like to keep the new latest mobile phone they are sent as part of an upgrade for themselves and plenty of people then stick their old mobile phone in a draw or box and forget all about it.

You can easily earn yourself £100+ for your old mobile phone by selling it to a mobile phone recycling company, to a friend or by listing it on ebay as is the most popular way to sell them.

You might be very surprised what your old mobile phone will sell for and it is an easy way to get some quick and fast money. Even if you have a few older mobile phones tucked away in a draw it’s worth getting them sold too, money is better in your wallet than it is just wasting away and depreciating in a draw or box somewhere. There are plenty of people out there who are more than happy with a working mobile phone providing it does the basics such as text and call, they don’t need phones that have apps or different gimmicks on.

If having the latest mobile phone doesn’t bother you and you are happy with your current model then you really could end up quids in if you sell a brand new unused phone. The latest iPhones or Blackberry’s can fetch £400+ on ebay due to their huge popularity.

A few tips to get the most for your old mobile phone when selling on ebay.

  • Obviously look after it for starters. A phone in full working order with few or no mark son it will fetch more than a phone with a button missing and that doesn’t function correctly.
  • Keep the original box and chargers to include when you sell it
  • Wipe all your personal information/contacts/pictures from it

Mobile phone recycling companies.

There are a growing number of mobile phone recycling companies out there who will buy your old mobile phone, they will do so as they will then re-sell them on again for more than they pay for them hence why we would always recommend the sell it yourself route where possible.

A few examples of mobile recycling companies that buy old mobile phones are: Mazuma Mobile, Envirofone & MoPay.

As an example as to why we think selling your old mobile phone on ebay is best, we checked out what the best price for a Blackberry Curve 8900 on a mobile recycling company was and also how much one went on ebay for, in some cases the seller on ebay got around £40 more for their phone that would have been paid from a mobile recycling company.

Whatever you do, just don’t leave those old mobiles to gather dust in a draw when they could be more use by giving you some money in your pocket.

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